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Akarua Central Otago Alchemy Ice Riesling 375ml

Sweet dessert ice-wine style. The grapes are harvested at optimum acidity and flavour. They are then sent to a blast freezer and pressed while frozen. This gives concentrated sugar, acid and enhanced flavour whilst maintaining a natural balance.

Giesen The Brothers Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc 375ml

Aromas of passionfruit, guava and honeysuckle lead to a succulent wine with concentrated vibrant tropical fruit flavours.

Marisco The King's Sticky End Noble Sauvignon Blanc 375ml

William de Marisco fled to Lundy Island where he turned to Piracy to sustain his existence. Due to the betrayal of his associate, William was captured by a storming party on the island in 1242 and carted off to London to face charges of piracy and treason. Found Guilty - he was executed with 'peculiar ignominy' - being hung, drawn and quartered - indeed A Sticky End
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